Retirement Account Options

Self-Directed 401k Brokerage Accounts

If you work for an employer who offers this option, you can open a separate brokerage investment account within your 401k plan that includes access to professional investment management services and thousands of investment choices including high-quality mutual funds and stocks. *See below for details

IRA and ROTH Accounts

 If you want to boost your pre-tax or after-tax savings and make more progress toward your retirement goals, an Individual IRA or ROTH account may benefit you. We can help you set up a new account, rollover your old accounts and create an investment plan to help you reach your retirement target.  

Highly Compensated Employees

Highly compensated employees have unique needs that may include options beyond what a traditional 401k can provide. We partner with other experienced solution providers to provide advanced strategies in addressing the unique needs of these individuals. 

Securities and advisory services offered, in states where licensed, exclusively through representatives of KMS Financial Services, Inc.  Member FINRA/SIPC and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.       

*Call us for more information and contact your employer's Plan Administrator to check availability within your plan.